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Lyndey Milan's Baking Secrets DVD

Baking is hot, hot, hot!  

Lyndey Milan’s Baking Secrets is a brand new cooking series hosted by Australia’s home-cook hero - Lyndey Milan – which captures the heart of the current baking trend. Lyndey’s effervescent and energetic personality along with her no-nonsense approach to baking will inspire food lovers to get off the couch and into their kitchens for a ‘bake-over’.

Over six episodes, Lyndey draws on her 30 years of experience in the Australian food industry to reveal time-saving tips, secrets, and  corner-cutting techniques that ensure baking success.


Episode 1 “Bite Sized”

Episode 2 “Heartwarmers”

Episode 3 “Pies & Puds”

Episode 4 “Baking Bad”

Episode 5 “Go Global”

Episode 6 “Lazy Baking”


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